As well as owning a number of our own suites which we offer to clients, Event Marché provides a complete suite management service to clients who own thier own sutes which includes, but is not limited to:

Stocking the suite bars

  • Ordering and stocking the bars to a "par stock" level from the on site supplier
    • Adjusting the "par stock" levels to suit your guest consumption patterns (e.g. Black Label consumption is increasing while Amstel is diminishing)
    • Sourcing any special liquor requirements not available at the stadium (e.g. single malt whiskey or champagne)
    • Holding at a central point a limited stock ofnon standard drinks (e.g. tomato cocktail)
  • Managing bar stock
    • Prepare consumption reports per game
    • Prepare closing stock sheets at the venue, for your records
    • Stock rotation to eliminate stale stock
    • Movement of stock between suites to avoid over stocking
  • Manage suite assets
    • Maintain a register of assets per suite
    • Prepare breakages and loss reports
    • Obtain approval for replacement of lost or broken items
  • Provide suite catering
    • Suggesting menus per event for prior approval - if required
    • Ensure menu rotation to accommodate regular guests
    • Different menus can be provided per suite depending on client requirements
    • Setting up themed buffets for significant events or on request
    • Overseeing the cleaning of the suite, cutlery, crockery and glassware (CCG) before each event
  • Staffing the suite
    • Our standard is a barman and a host/hostess
    • Additional staff can be provided if required (e.g. for a waiter service)
    • Specialist staff such as cocktail barmen
  • Celebrity guests
    • Event appropriate or celebrity guests can be arranged
    • Management of the suites at the event
    • Senior Event Marché staff will be on site at every event ensuring service quality and resolving any on-site challenges
    • Opening and airing the suite pre-match
    • Closing and locking the suite at the end of the event
    • Locking or securing stock in the suite
  • Hiring of furniture, equipment and CCG
    • Additional furniture or CCG can be provided should you wish to increase the numbers in the suites for a specific event
    • Up-market furniture and CCG and or additional equipment (e.g. Plasma TV) in order to "upgrade" or theme the suite for a specific event
  • Client gifts
    • A variety of event specific gifts can be sourced and branded (time permitting)
  • Suite maintenance
    • Arrange any maintenance required

Event Marché has the resources and ability to provide this service immediately at all the Gauteng stadia at which you have suites.

Commercial terms

We propose that this service be provided on a Management Fee basis. Billing will therefore be:

At supplier invoice cost for all services provided including:

o       Beverages - on purchase

o       Food - on order

o       Staffing - as per game

o       Hiring - when necessary

o       Celebrity guests - where necessary

o       Gifts - where necessary

o       Décor - where necessary

o       Replacement of assets -on client approval

o       Maintenance - where necessary

A Management fee R850.00 per suite per event (excluding VAT)

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